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How to choose the right Birthday party place

How to choose the right Birthday party place

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With so many birthday party places around, how do you choose the right one?

I hope I can shed some light on the topic and make your search a little easier. After all, birthdays come once a year and for a child, a birthday party is very magical and special. I remember when I was a kids, my birthday was the most special day of the year and if the party was amazing it made the birthday amazing. So bare in mind when you’re out on the look that you are fulfilling your child’s dream.

Find the right location 
You want first the location to be close to your home and not further than 25-30 miles. That is important if you want to make sure that all your guests will come as for most people traveling far for a kids birthday party is not the number one priority  so you want to make it easy and comfortble for your family and friends. Besides, with kids it is common that you forget something  like a camera or even a head bow and dring back 8-9 miles is not so bad, but is you have to drive 2 hours, that is already a big headache. So make sure the venu is nearby.


Research prices
In todays economy every dollar counts. You want to make sure to get your money’s worth and that you do not over spend. Make sure all charges are included and that you won’t get hit with extra charges, over time and that kind of stuff. Make sure all payment options are offered and that the venue is giving you the best treatment as a customer .


Not the regular place…
You want your kids party to be unique, different and special, not just a room with ballons and an old clown that barley makes your kids smile. That is why we are rated #1 for the last seven years as the best Long Island birthday party place for kids, cause what we offer, no one can. How many animal farms with a petting zoo do you know of in New York?? non. so when searching for the perfect place you are sure to find a one of a kind party spot that your kids will never forget and you will be the number one mom (or dad) of the year. Take a look at this short video below of what we offer for our kids parties at our animal farm. You can be sure you will not find anything like this anywhere



At white post farms we offer a different type of birthday party, not the regular place you are used to. Our customer satisfaction in number one priority and we do go the extra mile to make sure your child’s birthday is unforgettable and your day is hassle free. If you need more info about what we offer and price and most important availability you can contact us when ever you want or simple call 516-342-7625. You can easily find Directions to our farm in this link


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